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Cangelog from Begal Developers:

1. AETool inherited some of the former functions, streamlining some of the cumbersome features, the software more streamlined.
2. Rewrite the ARSC editor, the algorithm is more sophisticated, and the classification of resources, the interface has been optimized, compared to the previous AETool ARSC editor, the editor arsc file, the normal use.
3. Compatible with Andrews 2.3, compatible with 2.3 and above.
4. Android 3.0 and above can support multi-select operation more convenient.

1. Increase the dex string constant pool.
2. Increase dex code editing.
3. Increase the xml string constant pool.
4. Increase production coexistence function.
5. Fix some other bugs.
6. New decompression oat function, from oat extract the dex file.

1. Improved ARSC analytical methods to support the analysis of more arsc file.
2. Add English and Russian.
3. Fix some crashes.
4. Replace the black theme, the interface should be beautiful compared to before.
5. String constant pool translation function to increase the stop button.
6. String constant pool to increase settings, including font size and style, and set their own translation api.
7. Add YanDex translation (Russian translator).
8. Add apk dialog options, the interface is more beautiful.

1. Use the Material Design library design interface.
2. Add Apk permission modifier to support the addition and removal of apk permissions.
3. Add Zipalign function.

1. Fixed DEX editor to open the collapse of the problem.
2. Fixed the problem of garbled Chinese.
3. Fix some other crash problems.
4. Adjust the apk file dialog box.

1. Add a custom key signature.
2. Replace the smali code editor.

1. Rewrite the entire software code, structural optimization.
2. Remove the Android Support Library, in order to reduce the size of the software and improve efficiency.
3.dex editor interface supports multi-select operation.
Translation support multi-select operation.
5. Repair the 5.0 odex file conversion error.
6. Add dynamic library (so) symbol name view function.
7. Andrews xml source viewer.
8. To optimize the cloning function, so dynamic library.
9. The string constant pool is paged to avoid Caton.
10. Support the creation and decompression of compressed zip files with passwords.
11. Add Dex decompile to Smali file and back compile.
12. Add the Apk resource aliasing feature
13. Compress the package to view the Add Replace feature
14. Repair several bugs

1. Repair smali back to the failure of the problem
2. clone apk file so the symbol name of the file has support cloning (hash table has been fixed problem)
3. Smoothness improves when sliding
4. Support root access to protected folders
5. Increase the file permissions, link display
6.root permission operation (delete, rename, copy, etc.)
7. Repair some models can not display the file list of the problem

1.arm and x86 so library file symbol name support changes
2. Setting Options The option of adding an automatic signature can be selected by the user himself or herself
3. Repair some minor bugs
4. Add the new language
5. Remove the root function
6. Reduce the installation package volume

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